Top Leader in Zinc Alloy Manufacturing – Fei Hong Five Metals Wares Co., Ltd

Original Design Ability

Fei Hong Five Metals Wares Co., Ltd. is a top leader in the manufacturing industry with advanced producing techniques and original design ability. To create the crafts, three-dimensional molds are build up and checked in the computer by our mold designing and technical departments first, then the mold engraving department will make the dies with CNC (Computer Numerical Control), EDM or etching, etc. to create diversified ODM products.

Master in Die Casting

With over 30 years’ experience in zinc alloy manufacturing, Fei Hong is a master in die casting skill, which is the most essential and important factor in making high-quality zinc alloy products. In addition to the die casting procedures, which include adjusting furnace temperature and injection pressure, water lines will be set up for necessity. All of these details are taken carefully to make the most accurate and finest products for our customers.

Advanced Technique & Non-Stop Innovations

Fei Hong is devoted to developing zinc alloy manufacturing techniques to diversify our products, like the newest, practical shoe horn keychains and multifunctional spinner keychains that can also be used as bottle openers. In 2013, we added a plastic assemble line to incorporate different materials, providing more possibilities in creating assorted products.


Innovations Go Hand in Hand with Quality

While keeping developing and creating new products, we are also holding onto quality.  We are an active participant in factory auditions, passing the BSCISEDEX etc. international audits. Fei Hong is the manufacturer and business partner that you can rest on.