New Techniques for More Exquisite Customized Keychains

More Advanced Techniques for Your Crafts

As a leading manufacturer in zinc alloy industry, we constantly develop and improve our techniques to satisfy all needs for our customers. The image below shows the differences between the traditional techniques and the new one.

Fei Hong - New Craft vs. Old Craft

As you might observe, the new techniques give the keychain more layers and color possibilities, making it looks more stunning and eye-catching. These new techniques can be combined and applied to customized keychains for more divisibility in creating exquisite crafts.

New Techniques

  • Digital Printing for more accuracy: The traditional craft uses soft enamel for coloring, which limits the color choices. Fei Hong utilizes the digital printing technique to create special effects, such as gradient color, three-dimensional images, etc. for more possibilities.
  • Glitter Digital Printing for shinning effect: The glitter digital printing is one of the digital printing possibilities that creates little shiny dots in the images. The glittering dots are smaller than traditional ones, which make the keychain looks more delicate.
  • 3D Coloring for more depth: The traditional craft employs soft enamel for coloring, which could only create one-dimensional looks.  With the 3D coloring technique, the keychain can be made with multiple layers to create more depth.
  • Imitation Plating for more coloring variation: Due to the coloring limit with soft enamel, the text on the traditional craft could only take the same color as the electroplating of the keychain. However, with the new digital printing skills, Fei Hong can add another color to the text to mimic the plating texture.

These new techniques are especially great for creating gifts or souvenirs. Welcome to browse our customized keychains and contact us for more details.