Onlygo Collaborative Products

Onlygo Collaborative Products

Professional and high quality creative gift brand-Onlygo collaborated with Fei Hong to launch four series of products: “Pets Refuse to Return Home-Phone Finger Ring,” “Origami Animal Series Necklace,” “Animal Corporate Slave Tell the Truth-Memo Acrylic Stand,” “Personalized Quote Soft Enamel Pin Badge,” and “Animal Luminous Badge.” You can purchase impressive and one-of-a-kind gifts based on your requirements.

It is appropriate to place the products in educational or amusement places such as zoos or museums, and to wholesale them in small quantities to interested societies, making the products the group’s symbol. The items are available in small quantities for wholesale, and they can also be purchased in conjunction with other items; please contact us for more information.

Animal Luminous Pin Badge

Onlygo’s designers get the idea from an x-ray photo and combine it with animal skeletons and luminous effects to create a series of one-of-a-kind luminous animal badges, including dinosaurs, birds, and mammals.

Dinosaur Fossil Series-Luminous Enamel Badge (Stegosaurus)

Dinosaur Fossil Series selects the most well-known representative dinosaurs. Stegosaurus is distinguished by its back plates, which allow it to control body temperature and defend itself from predators.

Dinosaur Fossil Series-Luminous Lapel Badge (Triceratops)

The Dinosaur Fossil Series focuses on the most well-known representative dinosaurs. Triceratops’ most distinguishing feature is its large bony frill and three horns, which they use to defend themselves against an enemy’s attack.

Dinosaur Fossil Series-Luminous Pin (T-Rex)

Dinosaur Fossil Series selects the most well-known representative dinosaurs. T-Rexs’ distinguishing characteristics are their large chins with a powerful bite forces, bipedal hind legs, and small forelegs.

Animal X Ray Series-Skeleton Luminous Lapel Pin (Elephant)

There are both large and cute animals in the animal series. The elephant is the largest mammal on the land, and it has a gentle personality. Despite the fact that they have no bones in their long noses, they are strong enough to pull a tree up.

Animal X Ray Series-Bone Luminous Enamel Lapel Pin (Whale)

The blue whale is the world’s largest mammal, but they are endangered. There are only 20,000 blue whales in the world. As a result, its complete skeleton is extremely rare.

Animal X Ray Series-Luminous Enamel Pin Badge (Rhino)

Aside from elephants, rhinos are the largest animals. People usually think of it as having a sharp and thick horn as its bone, but it actually is Keratin, which is found in people’s hair and nails.

Animal Skeleton Series- Zinc Alloy Luminous Badge (Parrot)

The parrot is a popular and widely available bird pet. It can fly in the sky like other birds because its bones are hollow and light.

Animal Skeleton Series-Luminous Metal Pin Badge (Cat)

One of the most popular pets is the lazy cat. The Luminous Metal Pin Badge can capture the adorable image of the cat stretching. Wearing a luminous pin badge ensures that even if you are alone at night, the cat will be with you.

Animal Skeleton Series- Transparent Luminous Metal Badge (Rabbit)

Rabbit bones are lighter and weaker than those of common pets such as cats and dogs. Because of its strong hind legs, it can avoid enemy attacks.

Origami Animal Series Necklaces

Origami is a Japanese traditional culture. During the folding action, put the blessing and missing into the origami animal. The elegant and beautiful origami shape of the Origami Animal Series Necklace is made of zinc alloy. Combining the origami animal necklace’s unique and childlike style with a simple metal texture.

Origami Animal Series – Zinc Alloy Elephant Necklace

The elephant necklace’s appearance is made up of several geometric patterns. The pose of raising its nose resembles being full of power, which corresponds to the meaning of the necklace-healthy, making people energetic.

Origami Animal Series – Metal llama Necklace

A llama is a popular animal that is easy to get along with and adorable. The fur is soft but robust. Wearing a metal llama necklace makes you feel as if you have a warm companion in your heart.

Origami Animal Series – Nickel Free Rabbit Necklace

When you think of the rabbit, you might imagine a harmless and delicate impression. When you are upset, its cute image will be therapeutic for you. Let a cute and adorable rabbit to keep you company.

Origami Animal Series Necklaces – Squirrel Style Necklace

You might see their agile bodies on a park tree from time to time. With a furry tail and the ability to move quickly, the squirrel corresponds with the meaning of the necklace, bringing you a lot of energy.

Origami Animal Series Necklaces – Dog Design Necklace

People’s most devoted companion is their dog. They always wag their tail, eager to get along with their owner. Wearing a Dog Design Necklace allows you to think of your favorite dog at home at all times.

Origami Animal Series Necklaces – Classic Bear Necklace

When you think of bears, the first thing that comes to mind is a brown bear. Our bravery is inspired by the bear’s life attitude, power, and imposing demeanor. You don’t need to scare anyone if you wear a classic bear necklace.

Origami Animal Series Necklaces – Creative Cat Necklace

In ancient Egypt, the cat was the sacred and elegant incarnation of God. People are swayed by the cat’s lazy and relaxed way of life.

Origami Animal Series Necklaces – High Quality Parrot Necklace

A parrot is an example of an animal with a high IQ. Aside from imitating people’s voices, it can also learn simple math after some practice. Wear a High Quality Parrot Necklace and wish for wisdom in your life.

Animal Office Workers Tell The Truth Series- Double Sided Acrylic Stand

Animal Office Workers Tell The Truth Series- Double Sided Acrylic Stand, the concept was inspired by office workers. They are typically under a lot of stress and dissatisfaction at work. Using various animal images to reveal the truth in people’s hearts.

Double Sided Acrylic Stand

Animal Office Worker Tell The Truth Series-Double Sided Acrylic Stand (Ms. Doggy)

Because she is shy and tender, Ms.Doggy would suffer through all of the work assigned to her by the manager. Despite the fact that her dissatisfaction grew over time, she would make cowardly promises. She’s whined tens of thousands of times.

Portable Acrylic Table Stand

Animal Office Worker Tell The Truth Series-Portable Acrylic Table Stand (Mr. Meow)

Mr. Meow is hard-working and always finishes his work step by step. Even though he is tired from overworking for several days, he still spares no effort to handle all his projects.

Acrylic Table Sign Holder

Animal Corporate Slave Tell The Truth Series-Table Sign Holder (Mrs. Bunny)

Mrs. Bunny is straightforward and completes her work clearly. Her go-to drink is a steaming cup of Americano, her power drink of the day. Despite the fact that she is perfectly capable of resolving work-related issues, she wishes to have more people share the workload with her.

Acrylic Double Sided Message Stand

Animal Corporate Slave Tell The Truth Series-Double Sided Message Stand (Mr. Pork)

Mr. Pork is kind and down-to-earth, and he gets out of work on time every day. If he was assigned to finish the work at nearly off-duty time. Although he is gentle, he will smile at you, but his smiles will terrify you.

Acrylic Memo Stand

Wage Slave Animal Tell The Truth series-Acrylic Memo Stand (Miss Raccoon)

As Miss Raccoon is the youngest in the office, except for doing chores or running errands, she needs to pick up the slack for her seniors. When confronted with irresponsible coworkers, she simply remains humble and completes the work.

Acrylic Handwritten Stand Holder

Wage Slave Animal Tell The Truth series-Acrylic Handwritten Stand Holder (Manager Bear)

The boss assigned hard work to Manager Bear and asked him to arrange for his subordinates to finish it. Manager Bear knows that the time is not enough, and his subordinates are standoffish about achieving the goal. Manager Bear is in a dilemma.

Pets Refuse to Return Home-Phone Finger Ring

We have six different dog styles with cute faces that we combine with zinc alloy phone finger rings to create creative and useful mobile accessories. When you use your phone frequently and see your pets or the dogs you like, you temporarily forget about the annoying reality.

Red Shiba Zinc Alloy Mobile Phone Ring Stand Holder

Pets Refuse to Return Home-Red Shiba Phone Finger Ring

Pets Refuse to Return Home: Phone Finger Ring (Red Shiba). The cheek of a red shiba was squeezed and it expressed disgust in the picture, which comes from the popular video “Red Shiba Doesn’t Want to Go Home,” which shows the red shiba’s naughty feature.

Black Shiba Mobile Acrylic Metal Phone Grip Finger Ring

Pets Refuse to Return Home-Black Shiba Phone Grip Ring

The black shiba is self-assured and independent. When its owner asks it to leave, it immediately refuses, even squeezing its fatty meat in their face.

White Shiba Zinc Alloy Metal Acrylic Finger Ring Stand Holder

Pets Refuse to Return Home-White Shiba Metal Mobile Finger Holder

The white shiba is a rare breed of shiba inu. After taking it outside, because of the independent and free-loving personality, it has a look of dissatisfaction on its face.

Husky Metal Zinc Alloy Mobile Grip Stand Holder

Pets Refuse to Return Home-Husky Creative Mobile Grip Holder

A Husky is an energetic and agile sled dog, but sometimes they are also dumb enough to make their owner not know whether to laugh or cry. When it refuses to return home, it will adorably stare at you. It is difficult to move its twenty kilogram weight.

Pug 360 Rotatable Mobile Phone Finger Grip Holder Stand

Pets Refuse to Return Home-Pug 360 Degrees Phone Grip Holder

Pug has a variety of expressions. Pugs have a distinct cuteness due to their bright eyes and wrinkled brows. When it refuses to return home and looks innocently into your eyes, you have no choice but to surrender.

Chihuahua Rotatable Phone Mobile Finger Ring Stand Holder

Pets Refuse to Return Home-Chihuahua Rotatable Phone Finger Ring

The chihuahua is the tiniest dog. It is timidl and moody, and it enjoys barking, so its face is always distorted. You can easily hold it and take it home.

Personalized Quote Soft Enamel Pin Badge

Personalized Quote Soft Enamel Pin Badge. Make the popular quote pin badge using your imagination. Three different shapes are available. It is suitable as a gift for creative stores or as a promotional item for your brand.

Red Shiba Zinc Alloy Mobile Phone Ring Stand Holder

Personalized Quote Soft Enamel Pin Badge

Personalized Quote Soft Enamel Pin Badge. The pin badge is shaped like a long strip, you can put the receipt barcode on it and design the content to fit the shape of the badge.

Black Shiba Mobile Acrylic Metal Phone Grip Finger Ring

Hipster Creative Quote Pin Badge

Hipster Creative Quote Pin Badge has a simple design. It is suggested that the content be written in simple words to demonstrate a strong effect.

White Shiba Zinc Alloy Metal Acrylic Finger Ring Stand Holder

Personalized Speech Bubble Pin Badge

Personalized Speech Bubble Pin Badge. With the large space, it is possible to put texts and patterns on the badge at the same time. For example, a company’s website address and LOGO can both be displayed on the badge at the same time.


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