VR Exhibition

VR Exhibition

In the post-epidemic era, since many exhibitions were postponed or canceled, Fei Hong founded a “VR exhibition”. It makes customers know the products and techniques of Fei Hong like they are on the spot. The exhibition includes seven sections: “Coin Keychain”, “Jeliku”, “Styled Product”, “ODM Keychain”, “Cooperation”, “Other Product” and “Fei Hong”.

The key vision of the exhibition is silver white with sci-fi style. Every product in every section is equipped with a 3D product mold, video, and text introduction. We hope that while customers are watching the exhibition, they can see the professionalism of Fei Hong’s almost thirty years of experience and feel the user-friendliness of the products.

Coin Keychains

CJ-20001 is our most representative product, it is also the first coin keychain invented for trolley carts. As time went on, Fei Hong launched many coin keychains with different shapes and functions, and those still are popular products in European and American markets.


Jeliku is an educational toy with a 2D and 3D variety that is suitable for kids with rapid brain-development. It’s safe and easy to play through a special structure in which you can create lots of models, such as animals, buildings, or abstract ideas, as well as use them as corporate gifts to promote your brand. Customize your own creative products.

Styled Products

Although we have almost thirty years experience in metal manufacturing, we still make an effort to improve our professional technique. The section of styled products shows products with techniques like glitter digital printing, 3D relief, double color plating, imitation colorful plating, etc. We aim to satisfy more customers’ needs and help them make their own products.

ODM Keychains

Fei Hong’s main product is the zinc alloy keychain. We can make various keychains depending on the market demand rapidly through our thirty years of experience. Provide your logo and pattern, and we can make your ideal keychain for you. The products in the exhibition were distinct by function and theme, like the sports series and the leather series.


We have had several experiences collaborating with international events and government departments concerned. And that means the quality of products is reliable. We create many meaningful and representative souvenirs, and attract some Taiwanese local designers to collaborate with us, creating sophisticated creative products together.

Other Products

Besides keychains and badges, Fei Hong manufactured multiple zinc alloy accessories and products using professional techniques, for example: belt buckles, golf accessories, badges, mobile accessories, etc. And we devoted effort to developing more techniques, and hope to be able to provide different services to customers.

Fei Hong

You will get the best customized experience thanks to nearly thirty years of experience, professional manufacturing techniques, and a one-stop service process. The exhibition includes a detailed explanation of the coloring and plating techniques, and the entire process begins with the design concept, followed by the creation of the mold, coloring, packing, and shipping. With practical information and many international certificates, we can make customers feel more confident in us, and let us make their ideas come true.

In our VR exhibition, every product is equipped with a 3D mold, a product video, and the introduction in four languages. The complete introduction can make people feel like they are touching the real product. We hope that the immersive experience provided by the VR exhibition will leave customers with fond memories while also assisting them in locating the products they require.

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