Producing Skills

Producing Skills

On the basis of skilled and advanced technology, establishing a professional production team and complete production line.

We are proud of producing good products


According to the artwork of a firm order, mold design team will build up 3D models with computer for further checking with design & technical departments, then the mold engraving department will make the dies with CNC, EDM or etching. After trial die casting with final adjustments and sample approval, the mold is completed and ready for production.

  • CNC Engraving

  • EDM (Electron Discharge Machining)

  • Etching

  • All Kinds of Mold and Die

  • Mold and Die

  • 3D Design

  • 3D Design

Die Casting

The die-casting department will set up the mold and die in the die-casting machine, then adjust the furnace temperature and injection pressure, also set up water lines if necessary. After installation, we will try injection and confirm the quality of raw models, then setting automatic injection to start production. After die casting, we need to remove the extra materials around the raw models to get each separate model.

  • Automatic Die Casting

  • Waterflow Cooling System


On injected products, there are parting line and some burrs which need to be removed by different tools. There are also some tiny pores on the surface of the raw model, after polishing, the surface will be smooth and glossy, even look like a mirror.

  • Automatic polishing

  • Magnetic Grinding


After zinc alloy hot chamber die casting, deburring polishing, raw model cleaning to make the surface smooth, it comes to the plating process with firstly a copper base and then nickel, and finally plating other colors with oil sealed to prevent oxidization.

Learn more: Technical: Plating

  • Double Plating

  • Color Electrophoresis

  • Color Electrophoresis


Filling paint in the closed recess area on semi-finished products after polishing / plating called coloring.

There are three kinds of paint – soft enamel, colorful epoxy and soft cloisonne.

Soft enamel and colorful epoxy are filled on plated products. Soft enamel is less shiny, however colorful epoxy is bright-colored and shiny.

Soft cloisonne should be filled on the raw models then polished when the paint gets solid till seeing different color area, and finally plated. So there will be tiny polishing lines on the soft cloisonne surface, and the metal borders are at the same level as the colored area which is the feature of soft cloisonne.

  • Soft Enamel / Colorful Epoxy

  • Soft Cloisonne

  • Digital Printing

  • Spray Paint


Packaging is not only a protection but also the facade of product which can promote the sales.

With more than 10 years experience, we understand the characteristics of various types of packaging materials, and we have cooperative suppliers of all kinds of packaging materials. So we are able to offer better product with good packaging.

  • Automatic Packaging

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