Digital Printing

Digital Printing

There are many kinds of traditional metal coloring techniques, such as: screen printing, planographic printing, soft enamel, spray painting, covering crystal epoxy, hard enamel, imitation hard enamel, etc. Specializing in the traditional metal coloring techniques, Feihong’s technical team are also constantly pursuing research and development of advanced techniques. We hope to meet the market expectations and produce cheaper and more distinctive products. Applying UV digital printing technology to metal products is our new coloring technique.

Soft enamel / Crystal epoxy

Imitation hard enamel

Spray painting

UV digital printing

Glitter Digital Printing

After applying UV digital printing to metal products, we have not stopped researching and developing new techniques. We are still researching the effects of UV digital printing on metal products and developing new coloring technique – “glitter digital printing”. Compared with the general digital printing, the “glitter digital printing” can show more layers and more changes in color, making the product more eye-catching!

More Eye-catching Glitter Digital Printing

A glitter digital printing is one of the effects of digital printing. Compared with the traditional printing, the bright spots that can be printed are finer, which makes the product look more textured. Feihong uses its own professional technology combined with different printing methods to show different sparkling effects.

—— Color Blocking ——

Hot stamping

Sand painting


Stained glass

—— Line Pattern ——


Imitative corrosion

Meteor shower


—— Point Shape ——

Pen stroke

Gradual color

Glitter gradual

Gold sand

Imitative Colorful Plating

The imitative colorful plating is another printing technique. The Feihong technical team continuously test the printing technical and develop the imitative colorful plating, which significantly decreases the cost and production time, and introduces cheap and varied products, so that customers can have more choices.

—— Varied / Colorful / Double Color ——

Use new technique to create more colorful and more varied custom gifts

Combining different printing techniques, Feihong creates new products to meet customer needs and market expectations. Through the comparison of the old and new technique below, it can be seen that the new technique shows more layers and more changes in color, so that the product can be more eye-catching.

—— One mold, various products ——

The new ODM products, combined with 3D molds, imitation electroplating and glitter digital printing, can be printed according to different colors and printing processes, and then present a variety of stunning and distinctive effects. With the customer-provided patterns or Logo, to achieve benefit of “one mold, various products”. Those are very suitable as gifts, souvenirs, marketing products.


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