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Logo Performance

We believe that each product has their own value and meaning. Combining your creative design with our professional manufacturing process, let us create a perfect product for you.

Fei Hong has more than 20 years of zinc alloy production experience, providing various customized keychains, pin badges, medals, challenge coins, fashion accessories, golf accessories, mobile accessories, life supplies and other customized gifts. We also provide ready-made custom Logo products and zamac components. These products are suitable for company gifts, event gifts, souvenirs of famous tourist attractions, promotion gifts, branded gifts, etc. Because we have strict requirements for our product quality, it is not a problem to sell these products as ourselves.

With us who have more than 20 years of customized manufacturing experience and making customized products for more than hundreds of companies, discuss the product technical that is best for you, and let us use professional metal processing performance to produce attractive products for you.

You Will Never Regret Choosing Us.

Logo Performance Processing

**Color difference due to different display of each computer screen, mainly based on actual samples**


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