Factory 31th Anniversary

Fei Hong 31th Factory Anniversary - Professional Zinc Alloy Manufacturer

What We Have Been Doing in These Thirty Years

It has been over thirty years since Fei Hong started the business. Our goal remains the same ─ to provide high-quality zinc alloy products for our customers.

As a leading manufacturer of zinc alloy die casting industry, Fei Hong keeps creating innovative products and improving our techniques to refine our product. Meanwhile, with humanity as the core value, we built a friendly workplace for our stuff and take great care of the working conditions. We offer workplace safety training and physical examination regularly and hold different activities such as barbecue and tug-of-war from time to time to let our employees relax as well as connect with each other.

In addition, Fei Hong pays great attention to environmental protection; we keep our exhaust emissions and discharge under control and attend many audits and certification inspections. With ethics and social responsibility in mind, we are committed to sustainable development environmentally and economically.

Fei Hong takes advanced techniques and customer-driven services as the principle to provide innovative quality products and solutions for our customers. We offer one-stop service ─ from, design, production, examination, to delivery, all is taken care of by our self-operated factory. Our professional services have met innumerable customer needs to their satisfaction, which is also the driving force behind our persistence to provide high-quality product and services.

In the future, we will bare our goal in mind to keep improving our producing technique and craftsmanship to create more refined and delicate products. In the meantime, we will pay close attention to the environmental protection and the welfare of the staff, as well as fulfill our social responsibility.

With brand-new and open-minded perspectives, we are long-term reliable business partners with you.

Your ideal zinc alloy promotional item supplier ─ Fei Hong Five Metals Wares Co., Ltd.

Fei Hong Factory 31th Anniversary