Fei Hong Original Design: CJ-20001 Coin Keychain

《 Rudiment 》

A European customer made a request to our boss at the Frankfurt gift show: “I want one euro to be placed on the keychain.” The reason why a customer made this request is that shopping carts are prevalent in European countries and coin-operated locks are the standard locking mechanism on the shopping carts.

Listening to the need of a customer, the boss publicly painted a prototype of CJ-Euro1 by hand at the exhibition and asked the factory to start production according to the manuscript which is the CJ-Euro1 you see now.

Coin Keychain_CJ-Euro1

《 Transformation 》

After considering the customer’s cost requirements, the appearance design and structural design has been repeated many times and finally produced CJ-20001.
The water drop shape of the CJ-20001 is stylish, and the coin is better stored and retrieved.

Based on the shape of the water drop, different plating and plastic coin keychains are successively introduced which are perfect for the inexpensive gift market.

Multi-plated color metal coin keychain

Multi-plated color plastic coin keychain

《 Classic 》

We adhere to product quality and are not sloppy in product structure, let this water drop shape coin keychain become the best-selling product in the market, also became the founder of shopping cart coin/token keychain. Many well-known brands have used our CJ-20001 as the promotion items. It is still a hot sale product.

《 Principle 》

Except for the classic water drop shape coin keychain We are adamant about all of our products. We try to invent and produce products that solve our customers’ problems and meet their needs based on their questions and feedback. Fei Hong Five Metals will present various ideas in a creative manner, but will conduct numerous experiments and improve the products step by step. Finally, tailor the craft to the needs of the customer.

《 Transcendent 》

If you have a new idea for the product’s appearance or function, our design teams can assist you in clarifying the ambiguous concept, designing, and manufacturing the actual product. We provide a one-stop service that includes not only production but also design, quality control, packing, and shipping. Satisfy all of your requirements and provide the most convenient service.