OEM Belt Buckle

  • OEM Belt Buckle

  • OEM Belt Buckle

Custom Belt Buckle

Professional belt buckle manufacturer, providing custom belt buckles made of high quality zinc alloy with great craftsmanship. With years of experience and positive customer feedback, we are currently a supplier of belt buckles for major brands. If you are looking for a belt buckle manufacturer or belt buckle supplier, please feel free to contact us.

Classic Custom Belt Buckles

As a belt buckle manufacturer and belt buckle supplier, Fei Hong Five Metals Wares offers a variety of classic belt buckle designs. We also provide custom services, allowing you to collaborate with our professional belt buckle manufacturer and belt buckle supplier to create your own unique custom classic belt buckle.

Printed Pattern Belt Buckles

As a top-tier belt buckle manufacturer and belt buckle supplier, we offer enough space for custom patterns on our belt buckles, giving you the freedom to unleash your creativity and design. Through our professional digital printing, laser engraving, and other coloring techniques, we can create belt buckles with distinct brand styles.

3D Belt Buckles

With years of experience in custom belt buckle production, Fei Hong Five Metals Wares is a trusted belt buckle manufacturer and belt buckle supplier for numerous brands. Our latest 3D printing technology allows us to create 3D belt buckles using custom molds. These buckles can be printed with vibrant colors, preserving the metallic texture while showcasing rich and colorful patterns.

One of the most popular belt buckle styles is letter belt buckles. Renowned brands such as LV (Louis Vuitton) and Chanel incorporate their brand initial letters as designs on belt buckles (letter belt buckle). We can also create similar and exquisite letter belt buckles for your brand. Letter belt buckles effectively highlight the characteristics and iconic features of your brand, and uppercase letters on belt buckles also represent a bold and stylish statement.


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